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While I am usually the main contact for my clients, the mortgage process requires the expertise of many other members of the Team. To ensure a smooth process and satisfactory closing, many different functions must be performed. I am pleased to say that I am blessed to have an incredibly experienced and capable team behind me.

Having a great assistant is crucial in ensuring that I am free to respond quickly to pre-approval requests and spend quality time working directly with clients.

The unsung hero in the mortgage process is the Processor. Linda processes my transactions with the expertise that only years of experience can afford. From verifications of employment to credit updates to making sure documentation is submitted completely and accurately to the underwriter in a timely fashion, Linda is the mainstay of the operation.

Without Underwriters, there would be no one to approve the loan. Our company has the best and more proficient underwriters in the industry. After the loan is fully approved, it's up to the Closing Department to make sure the documents are sent to the title company for closing. Jerri, Pat, and the rest of our closing team are the best in the business, and I've worked with them for years. They handle last minute changes with ease and always make sure the money is at the closing. After all, there's no closing without the money!

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Ann Arbor Mortage Companies and John Adams Mortgage Company are dba's of Staunton Financial. Company Identifer 140012.

Ann Arbor Mortgage Companies
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We are committed to serving the needs of our clients. Our goal is to provide the lowest rates in the business and the highest standards of excellence in both service and integrity.

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